Pinxploitation Sandwich: Annals of Discomfiting Resonances

Feel like a nice, conscience-appeasing grilled cheese sandwich? Keep in mind that according to the CDC, Black women have a 60% higher death rate due to breast cancer. Yet our local store features this breast cancer bread:

What, no pendulous pumpernickel? And of course, Americans love their processed cheese-like food products, so pick up a pack of pink slices while you’re at the store…

Keepin’ it real (cheese).

1 thought on “Pinxploitation Sandwich: Annals of Discomfiting Resonances”

  1. My friend the genetic counselor Bob Resta points out that the original version of this post misquoted the statistic. “Breast cancer is more common in black women (compared to white women) up to about age 40-45,” he writes. “Over all ages, though, white women are more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer than black women. However, at just about all ages, black women with breast cancer are more likely to die of their breast cancer than white women,” for a variety of reasons, biological and socioeconomic. Thanks, Bob!

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