The Eugenics Crusade, on PBS’s The American Experience

I and a large number of my smart and thoughtful colleagues are part of the latest episode of the PBS series The American Experience. This show is, “The Eugenics Crusade.” I’ve seen about half of it and it’s very well done. Television worth watching and getting outraged about!

It airs tonight, Oct. 16, 2018, at 9 pm Eastern and Pacific/8 Central on your local PBS station!

5 thoughts on “The Eugenics Crusade, on PBS’s The American Experience”

  1. I watched the 8 or 9 minute preview (the beginning of the program) earlier today, and you make an appearance, but it appeared (unless I missed it) that they did not put your name on the screen as they did for the other talking heads…

  2. As someone who is obsessed with the subject, I was delighted to see PBS take up the subject. Like you, I don’t think eugenics has ever gone away — it has gotten more subtle and less overtly bigoted. (Charles Murray and company obviously excepted.) thank you for work on this issue.

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